Kuura the Cat has been busy wandering around the snowglobe and effects of her adventures have not been unseen! While still trapped inside this mysterious world, Kuura’s overwhelmingly positive spirit and joyful nature have attracted new creatures to come out from their hiding places, to dramatic effect to the world… It’s getting warmer!! Be ready to join Kuura in this new adventure, to see what coming spring, and even summer, can do to the Snowglobe! Prepare to explore the lands to find out just who of the new creatures are friends, and who are… foes.

Kuura and Bob: Lost in Snowglobe
It's a video game designed for children with a goal to raise their awareness about causes and effects of global warming. This is done through various of innovative and fun ways to entertain the player.
Kuura and Bob: Lost in Snowglobe combines elements from adventure-, 2d platforming-, roleplaying- and mini games.

The reigning king of Snowglobe has received multiple complaints of Duke's actions from the denizens. Duke is responsible for the climate change and pollution in Snowglobe. His factory exports ice from Snowglobe to other countries. Duke has been using cloned Kuuras as a power supply in his factory. Denizens are angry at Duke, because he has ruined their habitat. King arranges a race in which the new duke is determined.

It's up to Bob the Yeti to fix the situation in Snowglobe. Can he succeed? It's in your hands to find out! Play as Bob and fight your way in the race in which the new duke is determined. Bob has to compete against Natasha the Pirate Captain and also Bob's old rival Frank. Beat your opponents and heal the land of Snowglobe.  


In Snowglobe you may encounter following characters:


The Yeti

He is a do-gooder, who wants to help others. He is not the sharpest pencil in the box, but he means well. Often so, he ends up in trouble and causes more damage than he fixes. He is a modest and untalkative yeti, who always tries his best.



Dear friend of Bob's

She is a snow-white cat, who loves sleeping, but after an accident Bob caused, Kuura has been cloned into multiple cats. Duke has imprisoned the cats and he has been using them as a power supply in his factory. When the King throws Duke out of his kingdom, Duke gets mad and he releases the cats. Kuuras get scattered all around the Snowglobe and it is Bob's responsibility to capture all of them back.



Pirate Captain

Natasha may seem like a vicious pirate captain, but in reality, she's quite the opposite. She is in fact kind, honorable and thinks outside the box. Natasha is competing against Bob and Frank, in a race, to become the next duke.



Bob's old rival

Frank used to bully Bob in his childhood. Frank is very self-centered person, and he loves to make flashy entrances. On the other hand, Frank is just lonely and insecure. He has low self-esteem and by bullying others he seeks attention because he doesn’t know any better way to do so Frank is competing against Bob and Natasha, in a race, to become the next duke.

The Duke

The Duke

Duke of Snowglobe

Duke is responsible for the climate change and pollution in Snowglobe. His factory exports ice from Snowglobe to other countries. He's been using cloned Kuura's as a power supply in his factory. Snowglobes denizens are angry at Duke, for ruining their habitat.

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Bob's Cat Challenge - Spin-off for Bob and Kuura: Lost in Snowglobe

Oh no! The cats have gotten loose - and it's up to our hero, Bob the Yeti, to collect them all!

While trying to rescue all the lost felines, Bob must face upcoming dangers such as falling platforms, rolling snowballs and slippy ice bricks - not to mention some of the unleashed cats themselves! Is Bob up to the challenge?

Inspired by the classic platformers from the past decades, Bob's Cat Challenge offers an exciting 3D adventure for players of all ages!

More info about the game:

  • Made with the Unity game engine
  • Offers 10 exciting stages
  • Will be on Steam
  • Tons of fun for players of all ages!